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Blog 003: 171012 Italy day five 

Crêpes and Steps and Cats and Dogs

Having traipsed around most of the famous sights already, we decided to focus our attention on relaxing and eating and drinking. Jenny wanted a crepe so we hunted everywhere for one. Finding crepes in Rome is not easy. Especially in the morning but eventually we found a nice lady who turned on her machine and made us crepes and milkshakes. At 10am.

Mine was huge! And extremely tasty. So full to the brim with heart disease we set off in search of the Spanish steps, described by some books and websites to be something similar to the Aztec pyramids.

They are quite impressive and hard work to walk up and down. So to commemorate our arrival we indulged in a number of selfies whilst trying to avoid catching other tourists in the photos.

By this point we were of course exhausted (it was 30 minutes later) so we consumed a couple of delicious cocktails over looking the Spanish steps. The rooftop cocktail bar  come pizzeria (Il pallazetto) was a great find and started filling up as soon as we arrived. (They also had amazing WiFi allowing us to backup the hundreds of photos we had taken)

Noticing the beautifully romantic streets winding away from the Spanish steps we wandered towards trestevere where the pharmacy sign informed us that it was an uncharacteristically warm 30 degrees Celsius in mid-October.

We of course rewarded ourselves with another glass of wine and a light lunch. Having only been out of bed for 3/4 hours and eaten a huge crepe and lots of nuts and a large thick milkshake it didn’t seem sensible to have the customary 5 course Italian meal.

This photo from a previous evening shows the charm of the Trastevere and it is well worth a visit for a meal in one of the many, if a little touristy, trattorias.

After running out of the big ticket items we were looking for things to do. Having heard of the cat ruins at La Torre Argentina we made our way over and were not disappointed. There were cats everywhere; lying in the sun curled in the shade or searching for food. Jenny especially was in heaven though we were both quite taken by some of the cute fur balls.

After searching for a park to walk around. We tried one green area on the map and it turned out to be a huge cemetery (Verano Cemetery). We eventually found Villa Borghese which has/is an amazing park. Really beautiful, full of decorative pagodas, buildings and statuettes and hundreds of dogs on walks it is a really pleasant evening stroll. The temple in the middle of the lake in the photo is utterly charming and worth a visit to get away from the loud cobbled city streets.

We ended the night with a perambulate through the north west of Rome. Across the piazza del popolo, apparently sponsored bby a Samsung note 8 on a selfie stick we came across a tiny cute little bus and ended up in Trattoria Al Gran Sasso. The food here is excellent and we had a delicious entrecote steak on a bed of rocket and grilled calamari. The tiramisu is also definitely worth a try.

Rome is a very easy city to walk around and there is always another cute restaurant or charming street around the corner. Any visitor to Rome should make sure that they have the time to experience this side of the city as it is extremely rewarding.


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