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Blog 004: 171012 Italy day six 

Car parks, driving and pretty Pienza

 So today wasn’t particularly action packed, we checked out of our hotel in Rome which had become a stable base for us and headed over to Ciampino airport where we had hired our car for the last few days of our trip.

I say Ciampino airport but it was 3km away in an odd industrial estate. However, after a quick bit of faffing we were on our way. Jenny was extremely happy that we had a Fiat 500 she desperately wants one herself. Though a little disappointed that it wasnt pistachio green. 

We drove then from Rome to Pienza making quite a few wrong turnings on the way. 

The views are stunning and we sat down to have a lovely coffee on the town wall overlooking the Tuscan hills. 

Eventually we ended up in Siena and made our way up a steep hill to our hotel. We had heard about parking being difficult so we were chuffed to find a spot less than 5 mins walk from where we were staying. Later we realised, with the help of the hotelier that we were in fact inside the restricted residents only zone. Something which comes with a 100 euro fine. 

Before all that though we tucked into a lovely bottle of prosecco. Not that it says great things about our choice, we find the exact bottle of bubbles from our wedding day at a motorway service station. We just couldn’t say no. Being both clumsy and tired though we managed to spill most of it on either ourselves or the bed. 

We traipsed back to our car and found out the signs were true. It was in this illegal zone. Therefore we turned around drove out and we are hoping for a miracle not to get a fine. After driving through the suburbs of Siena for around 40 minutes and debating the merits of the different parking zones we settled on a spot a mere 18 minute walk back to our hotel…

After a long day of driving and finding spaces, worrying about the street cleaning agenda and the market day calendar, we treated ourselves to a lovely meal. It was a lovely place called Antica Trattoria Papei and eventhough the brought me a beef steak instead of the pork one I ordered the apologised prefusely allowed me to keep the beef and only charged for the pork. Lovely people, great food, not too expensive. Highly recommended. 

Tomorrow we hope for a more chilled out day. 


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