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New York: Day 3 Birthday Time

New York Skyline

It’s my birthday! So we treated ourselves to a nice little lie in. Eventually we got up and we made our way down to Chelsea Market. This is a cool place, but not quite what we expected. We had expected a market full of stalls, bustling with people, noise and smells. It is more of a mall of many little shops, restaurants and cafes.

We made our way to what we heard is one of the best places for Mexican food in New York, Los Tacos No. 1. They have a great selection of tacos, quesadillas and tostadas, which were really tasty and fresh. I even chose a nice drink of Mexican horchata. Horchata is a milky cinnamon drink, which is extremely unusual, but surprisingly refreshing.

The High Line

One of the most talked about tourist attractions in NYC is The High line in Chelsea and the meat packing district. This is a 1.5 mile long section of disused elevated railway track, which has been converted into a walkway and gardens. The railway was originally used to deliver and collect goods from the upper floors in the industrial district, but it only ran for a short number of years before falling into disrepair.

The views from a few stories up moving between buildings and over street corners are really quite impressive, and you get a sense of the scale of the city without the overbearing pressure of the high rise buildings. All along the path there are vendors selling food and drinks. Jenny tucked into a tasty ice-cream sandwich and I was dying for another Mountain Dew. As you move along The High Line you come across some really cool street art and street performers, it really feels like a vein of culture running through the city, its quite an achievement that this has not been demolished by an overzealous developer.

Top of the Rock

Finally the weather was starting to look better so we made our way up to the Rockafeller Center to have a look across the city. The lift takes you up to the top of the building, around 70 floors above ground level, and the view is impressive. One direction is north towards Central Park and the other is south with a great view of The Empire State Building. We stood up there for a while and soaked up the views in all directions, getting 100s of photos and timelapses. There was even a couple taking wedding photos, which was really sweet. From this elevation you really get a sense of the scale and density of New York City which is really cool and makes it stand out against other world cities. I couldn’t stop taking photos of the awesome sights.

Birthday Dinner

It’s my birthday today! Ok, ok I know I said already. So we made our way back to our AirBnB and freshened up before dinner. We had hoped to go to a nice bar before hand, Jenny had lined up an excellent choice, but we unfortunately ran out of time.

Almond was a lovely restaurant and seemed unusually quiet for a Thursday, which suited us perfectly, so we could chat easily and get the all important selfies. We were both feeling the indulgence of a few days in the US and settled for sharing a delicious starter of pate but then continued to indulge in a big American steak each. They were really nice in the restaurant and the setting was very delicate, and its the kind of place I would love to eat more meals in, if I could afford to that is. Eating out in New York requires a second mortgage.

After a long day we tried to find a nice bar to round off the night, but whether we were looking in the wrong place or whatever, we couldn’t find one nearby. So we headed back home and ended up in a local pub called the Stumble Inn. It was a bit loud but very nice, but after a big meal  we were ready for bed.

A great treat to be in New York for my birthday and a lovely day to match.

See you next time!



Bonus Fun Fact

We found out that the famous photo of the men sitting on an I-beam eating lunch high above the skyline is from The Rockafeller Center and not from The Empire State Building as most people think.

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