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New York: Day 5 Best SURPRISE brunch

Full english with STEAK! Amazing Brunch

What an excellent day! Jenny told me she wanted to get up early because it was our last day and we had to get to brunch. But I didn’t know that she secretly had a surprise planned for me. Very sneaky and such an amazing end to an awesome trip to New York. Let me tell you all about it.

Our flight was in the evening, so we had already organised with Daniel, our AirBnB Host, that we would leave our bags and we would come collect them in the evening. So we packed, washed and preened and left the AirBnB somewhat bleary-eyed due to overzealous consumption on the prior day.

Brooklyn Brunch

Jenny had found an amazing looking place in Brooklyn that she really wanted to go to. Who am I to question her restaurant choice? Brooklyn really is an amazing part of New York City, it feels in a way busier than Manhattan but with more personality and character. We were going to a place called Five Leaves which is all over the web for amazing brunch. When we turned up it was extremely busy and there were many groups of people on the street corner looking for a table.

I was just about to ask to be put on the list when round the corner comes my brother Matt and his wife Emily! They live in Australia so to be in NYC was quite a surprise. They had been in the US for the past two weeks, but I thought they were in Ohio so we wouldn’t cross paths. It was awesome! Jenny definitely gave me a lovely surprise for my birthday. And to round it all off, my brother had already put our name on the list for a table, so we only had to wait one or two minutes before being seated for brunch. WINNING!

Amazing to catch my family before they fly out
Amazing to catch my family before they fly out

Breakfast steak

Our brunch was amazing, I had the full English with added chorizo and steak. Yes, Steak with my breakfast! Amazing. And although Jenny wasn’t a fan of the coffee here (she likened it to dishwasher water, but I loved it), her pancakes were amazing! Topped with banana, strawberries and syrup and made with buttermilk. Jenny even managed to learn something about ordering eggs (“what actually is over easy?”). I like sunny-side up, she decided that over-easy was her preference. See here for some tips.

Matt and Emily didn’t have long before their flight, so we head off for one drink with them after wandering around the streets of Williamsburg. We found a cool roof-top bar called Northern Territory. Australia-themed (apparently) and really nice. Jenny got a try of her first frosé (frozen Rosé) whilst we enjoyed the view of Manhattan, finally on a beautifully sunny day.

Unfortunately, this is where we had to leave Matt and Emily. We walked them back to their car and they drove off, back to the other side of the world! Thank you for stopping by, and getting up at 5am to meet up with us!

Brother and Wife showing Australian love
My brother and his wife showing Australian love

Williamsburg market sun

Jenny and I wandered happily in the sun through the streets of Williamsburg. This is a really cool part of New York, with bars on all the street corners and old residential and industrial buildings down every street. We came across a load of parks along the river front, some with people walking their dogs, some with kids playing football.

The last park we came across was hosting a food market. This market was more along the lines of what we had hoped to get from Chelsea Market, it was extremely busy with lots of smells, sounds and flavours flying through the air. Given we had JUST eaten a huge brunch, we resisted all the different food and drink. We found our way through the crowds down to the river and the view in the sun was so nice, such a nice way to look at New York on our last day.

Target and Taco Bell

When people go on holiday, they don’t tend to think of going to a supermarket and a widespread fast food chain. But for me, I was desperate to go to Taco Bell as we only have one or two in the UK. The nostalgia for me is amazing and I couldn’t wait to get a Taco or two with their fiery hot sauce. We picked up some treats for our colleagues at Target and head back to the AirBnB to pick up our bags.

Off to the shops!
Off to the shops!

Home, James (and don’t spare the horses)

The journey from the airport to our AirBnB went without a hitch. On the way back, not so much. We boarded the wrong train to start with, so went back in the opposite direction. Then we boarded a train to Jamaica Street. Unfortunately, we wanted to go to Jamaica station, 30 mins back in the direction we came from. Finally we got to Jamaica, where the AirTrain to the Airport had delays, so we waited another 20 mins for a train.

Finally the AirTrain is here!
Finally the AirTrain is here!

By this time, we were late, and starting to worry about getting through security in time. So when we arrived and the attendant moved us to a different and longer row, I wasn’t best pleased. When he moved us again to another even longer row, I was even less happy. After the third time, he had me swearing under my breath, I don’t know what I did to make him hate me! Eventually though, we got through.

Final supper

Begging the woman in a coffee shop, we managed to get a final bacon, egg and cheese bagel and washed it down with a Mountain Dew, this was worth being the last people to the gate for and we ended up having to eat them on the plane. Luckily, the entertainment worked (see the first blog) on the way home, so we watched a couple of films, got a couple of hours sleep and then we were home. 

We are very tired, not ready to go to work and sad to be out of New York. See some of our other blogs for more adventures, we are already planning the next one. Looking forward to our next trip!

See you next time!



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