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One day in Ella: train, massage, chill

Ella is the place to come in Sri Lanka if you are a backpacker looking for modern conveniences, western food and partying. We managed to also fit in some relaxation.

Apology: we are really behind on these blogs, we have been super busy planning the next few months of our trip.

Getting there

The same way many journeys on this trip started, we made our way down to the train station, rucksacks on and ready to flit away tuk-tuk drivers. We were extremely sad to leave our hotel as it is one of the nicest places we stayed in our whole trip to Sri Lanka. The views were just amazing.

The sign at Haputale train station is really nice
Haputale is a must visit for anyone coming to Sri Lanka

The train to Ella was an easy 1.5 hours winding through the countryside and cost us less than a pound. Before long we had arrived. Pretty painless this time and we even managed to get a seat for the last 30 mins!

the views from the train are onto tea plantations and beautiful forests
Every train journey in Sri Lanka has incredible views

Total fan-girling

We both follow a number of different YouTubers. Including The Budgeteers, just by conincidence they were also in Sri Lanka and as we got off the train there they were filming on the platform. I (Rob) turned around to shake Paddy, Thijs and Lina’s hands and proceeded to tell them that “I love their channel”. Such a dork. But such a cool experience to meet some amazing people.

We got a ticker from the budgeteers when we met them at random
It was so cool to meet the Budgeteers at random

First sights of Ella

Smiling from ear to ear and looking like a kid in a candy shop we walked to our next guesthouse. Aside from the lack of view, it was as good as the last place.

The first look of our guesthouse was lovely and we knew we would enjoy this place.
Such a gorgeous and comfortable guesthouse

Ella really is a mainstream backpackers paradise, multiple restaurants serving all kinds of food. Including burgers, pizzas, beer and spirits. It was noisy, busy and filled with tourists dressed immodestly, ready for their Instagram poses. We joined in the rabble and enjoyed a burger and fries (sorry guys) and soaked up some superb WiFi (for a change).

Ella is really cool and another great place everyone should visit in Sri Lanka
Ella is somewhere for selfies and Instagram poses


We decided that we wanted to treat ourselves to a massage to recover from the hard work we’d been putting in on long train journeys and strenuous walks… ok, ok, we just wanted a massage! We scouted out a few options, were told many stories of “best price”, “professional service” and then plonked for one place at random.

I think that it is meant to be peaceful and calming in such a place. But the request to strip off all of our clothes in a darkened room with other people in it and the small child sitting under my massage table being told off repeatedly by her mother did little to inspire relaxation. Nonetheless, we did come out a little more refreshed than when we went in.

Real Ayurvedic experiences I think involve alot more invasive procedures. For us this was plenty invasive enough.

Getting connected

Now we are in India I can say that getting a sim card in Sri Lanka is a breeze. However on this day, it seemed very difficult. Wandering between four different stores, and waiting patiently with multiple shop keepers we eventually got Jenny a SIM card. I was hogging all the Instagram time apparently…

Relaxed and happy we walked back home and had a nice early night. Catching up on our social media on the way 🙂

Tomorrow is a very tasty day! 😋 Join us then.

R & J


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