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Little Adam’s Peak | Sri Lanka Travel

Adam’s Peak (rather than Little Adam’s Peak) is a well known mountain in Sri Lanka, as it’s used as a pilgrimage site for Buddhists, Christians and Muslims alike (maybe others too). Due to a few reasons (Jenny’s blistered feet, my laziness, and a general lack of time) we decided to reject the 5,000 step climb. To make up for this we made the much smaller and quicker climb up Little Adam’s Peak from Ella.

Apology: Our blogs are really behind, due to many reasons. Please stay tuned as we try to catch up. Also, we were in Sri Lanka before the awful events of Easter Sunday, we are safe and well, and our thoughts go to everyone injured or killed in the attacks.

First, Food

We had heard that Wednesday’s presented a local market in the centre of Ella. We decided to make our way there and hope to pick up breakfast. Unfortunately this was a failure since, as lovely as the market was, it was mainly vegetables, fruits and other homestuffs, nothing that could be eaten for breakfast on the spot. So we started walking in the direction of the peak, hoping to find some food on the way.

Luckily we remembered a place called rainbow cafe which we had seen yesterday, before coming face to face with a train. I had a Sri Lankan breakfast (Roti) and Jenny a European one (Muesli) and made our way on to the mountain. In true Rob and Jenny style, we began the trek just after midday and in the full heat of the sun.

The Rainbow Cafe was great!

The views from Little Adam’s Peak

After enjoying the low 20’s in Haputale, it came as quite a shock to be hiking up a steep hill in almost 30 degree weather (spoiler alert: Ella is much cooler than the next few destinations we visit).

Warm in the middle of the day on the little adam's peak hike
First view of Ella Rock
Warm in the middle of the day on the little adam's peak hike
Starting to heat up

The climb to the top was pretty simple, and we passed a number of other tourists on the way. Even passing a zip-line whizzing across the valley. At the top, we just wandered around, taking in the sights, stroking some cute stray puppies and resting in the shade. This truly is a lovely spot, for considerably less effort than the real peak and easily walkable from the town. We would highly recommend.

Powering down from Little Adam’s Peak

Knowing that the electricity would be out by now(we are getting skilled at this), we decided to take a leisurely stroll down the hill, the same way as we came up, and stop for a drink on the way. This was a good opportunity to catch some photos in front of the sign for Ella Town in slightly more bearable temperatures than earlier.

We both enjoyed a large cold banana milk-shake, mine with added peanut butter, in a rooftop bar around the corner from our guesthouse. Although tasty, we were the only ones in the bar, and the drinks were more expensive than any others we had seen in Sri Lanka to date. They were 1000 LKR (about 4 quid) which is about half what we spent a day on food in Sri Lanka on average. For us, that was quite enough fun for the day and we made it back to our guesthouse to unwind.

Little Adam's Peak was hard, nie banana milkshake to end off

Mexican, sort of

Considering ourselves to have earned a nice meal, we got dressed for dinner and trundled down the dark alleyway to the town centre. We had heard of a few Mexican places, but on further inspection we really only managed to find one that looked presentable. We made our way up the three stories of iron stairs to the top of the “Rainbow Inn, the Reincarnation” and ordered a Mexican chicken tortilla and a chicken fajita wrap. We couldn’t discern much of a difference, especially after we smothered them both in the extra soured cream we ordered (also, we ate them so quickly we didn’t allow much time for comparisons).

Rolling ourselves down the multiple stories of stairs, and navigating a temporary power brown-out, we made our way back home, to find our beds. Tomorrow marks the last day in Ella, so we have big plans!

See you tomorrow.



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