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How thrilling and adventurous has our year been?

Just a quick update, to let you all know what has been going on

March 2020 came and as we all know the world buckled at the knees. We made our way home safely on the day that Lockdown 1.0 in the UK started. Things were scary, jobs were being lost, people were getting sick and all the world was closing down. We sat in our parents’ homes and contemplated our options.

We always intended to come back to the UK, my sister was due to get married after all, but we always had a small hope that we could continue our travels indefinitely, I mean who likes working all day, am I right? Anyway, what is most important is that we and our families are all safe and well. We decided that we should get jobs and settle down a while, at least until the storm blew over. Fortunately we were both able to pick up our careers in similar positions to those that we had left and get straight to work.

Life is what happens… and other plans…

So we got about our daily lives, moved into a temporary small flat, bought a cheap temporary car, begged for, borrowed and were given temporary furniture, knowing all along that we did not know what our long term plans were. And in time it became quite normal being back in the South East of the UK, we settled into the daily grind, working mostly from home and barely leaving the four walls of our apartment. Just as we were looking to buy a property in the area to settle down though, we got some news. By chance an opportunity arose to move to Singapore to start a life there and continue in some way our adventures of the world.

The big move

I am typing this message sitting in a quarantine hotel in Singapore, a little bored after 14 days and very glum to hear that our quarantine has now been extended to 21 days. I will type a longer message about the details of that shortly, but the good news is that we made it to the country. It has been many months in the making, with moving across the globe there is always a lot to do, but during a pandemic we had even more to handle. Many swabs up the nose were taken, multiple approvals were gained, innumerable checks had to be performed and a plan had to be concocted.

The plan was simple, we would spend 2 weeks living from Dubai confining ourselves to an apartment on the outskirts of the city before arriving in Singapore and spending two weeks in quarantine here before stepping into the sun and getting straight to work. This has almost been the case. We will provide updates once all is well, and will try and keep this blog and our YouTube channel more up to date with any adventures we go on from our new Asian Base!

Peace and Love



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